From building plumbing contractor to a global leader in air filtration technolgy

The company was founded by Albert Keller in Stuttgart-Uhlbach in 1903. Following the complete destruction of the factory in World War II, his son Otto Keller opened a factory for air pollution control and thermal process technology in Kirchheim unter Teck, in the foothills of the Swabian Jura.

In 1952 - then in its third generation - Heinz-Dieter Keller assumed the reins of the company and established Keller Lufttechnik's current range of poducts. In 1992, the next generation took over. The tradition of the family-owned company is now carried on by Horst and Frank Keller.

Today, Keller Lufttechnik is a global filtration technology company specializing in the capture and separation of a variety of air pollutants, as well as in the reduction of emissions in industrial applications.