2017 - Two awards in one year

Environmental Technology Award of Baden-Wuerttemberg in the category of "Reduction of Emissions, Processing and Separation"

The HydronPlus compact wet separator generated excitement in July, 2017: Keller Lufttechnik's experts were awarded the Environmental Technology Award of Baden-Wuerttemberg by Franz Untersteller, Minister for the Environment. Calculations have indicated that approx. 2,000 Euro in annual energy savings can be achieved, assuming a two-shift operation.

"100 companies for resource efficiency"
In November 2017, Keller was included in the "100 companies for resource efficiency" list of distinction. The Alliance for more Resource Efficiency honors manufacturers for innovative measures that save energy and resources. With its project "New resource and energy efficient  improvement by utilizing Software bw!MFCA"  Keller omtimized the production of its new ProFlap III explosion back pressure flap.