Suitable solutions for every blasting process

Dry operating systems that are appropiate for blasting processes include the VARIO, L-CUT or PT models. For wet working systems, the Venturi wet scrubber type series is geared toward the seperatation of substances which cannot be normally separated by dry operating systems. The series is available in three models (VDN-E, VDN-T, VDN-AS) and are offered in various dimensions depending on their type of discharge. Additionally, Keller provides compact dust collectors in a "Z" version for particulary combustible and explosive dusts such as magnesium or aluminum alloys.

Keller is capable of extracting explosive, combustible or harmful dust because of our dry and wet working systems. Our wide range of products ensures an optimal balance among essential system technology, investment, and operating costs. We can achieve the best solution for the corresponding blasting process.