The VARIO eco series is designed for the high-efficiency filtration of fine dust particulates from many different applications, without consuming high-amounts of energy.

Keller Benefits

The VARIO eco series offers a wide range of customization that is briefly outlined below:

The Keller VARIO eco dust collector has been used in a wide-range of applications for decades.  This experiece provides a variety of options to help Keller customize the right dust collector for your ideal solution. 

Explosion protection? Placement outside? Larger disposal? All of these options and many more can help Keller tailor a solution that is right for you.

Keller specializes in ensuring you have the right solution for the long run.  With the Keller long run filter plate, KLR, Keller provides the longest filter life combined with high seperation efficiencies to clean the air while minimizing maintenance downtime.  For less demanding applications Keller can also offer the VARIO with high quality filter cartridges.  

Keller is the expert when it comes to explosion protection and can consult with you to find the right safety concept for your application. Keller can also offer pre-separators, fire suppression, or after-filters as add-ons to the VARIO series.

The VARIO eco series was improved to minimize energy consumption. Now, the VARIO eco series achieves low energy consumption through use of efficient fans as well as the minimization of compressed air consumption for the cleaning of the filter elements.