Filter Catridge Cleaning System

Automatically and Efficiently Clean Filters for Re-Use

Many industries use cartridge-style filters to clean contaminants in the air. In particular, filtration systems operating in manufacturing environments collect a large amount of dust into filters, which become overloaded and must be replaced regularly.

However, replacing filters is a costly endeavor, particularly for applications with high-volumes of dust. Because of this, companies often resort to manually cleaning filters for re-use. Unfortunately, manual filter cleaning can cause more harm than good:

  • Results in a cloud of dust in the workplace,
  • Ineffectively removes fine dust from filter media,
  • Has a high potential of damaging the filter surface,
  • Exposes personnel to unnecessary health hazards.

DustOff Blast, a new automatic filter cleaning system, is designed for the most effective removal of dust from cartridge filters in a contained, low-maintenance environment.

The Process

  1. Employee places a filter cartridge on the interior grate, underneath the nozzle and closes the door.
  2. Once the door is closed and DustOff Blast is activated, the blowing nozzles moves into the cartridge.
  3. Dust is blown out of the filter as the nozzle moves up and down.
  4. The expelled dust falls into the dust collecting tank at the base of the unit.
  5. The blowing nozzle moves all the way down, reverses and moves up to the top of the filter cartridge.
    This repeats for a set amount of time until the cartidge is efficiently cleaned.

DustOff Blast Benefits:

DustOff Blast is designed for placement on the floor, at worker level, and can be fixed in several positions for easy use.

The compact design includes a door for maintenance and operation of the unit as well as a small control cabinet mounted on the side for the pneumatic system and pneumatic drive.

An additional cabinet may also be provided, which can optionally be installed on the outside of the system to store cartridge nozzle-connections of various sizes (if needed).

Cleaning takes place from the inside-out, therefore dirt and dust are released the same way they came in. This method ensures an optimal cleaning and protects the filter media from damage.

DustOff Blast keeps filter cleaning and its resulting expelled dust contained. 

All dust is collected in one convenient disposal bin and can be manually emptied or evacuated with a vacuum system. 

Cartridges of the following sizes can be cleaned:

Height Range: 4”- 55” (100 –1400 mm)
Outside Diameter: max. 17.5” (450 mm)
Inside Diameter: 2.75”- 10” (70 – 260 mm)

Compressed Air Requirements

Working Pressure 6 bar = 90 psi
Permissible Pressure max 8 bar = 115 psi
Quality filtered < 40μm; residual oil <1.5 mg/ NM3 at 24°C
Recommended Supply-Line 0.5 inch
Airflow Volume ≥ 18 cfm
Port Size 0.5 inch
Please note: Electricity not required for operation.