A Cabin for "Dusting Off"

Clean-up After Dirty Jobs

Tracking dust outside of the manufacturing space? Employees cleaning off with compressed air guns? Both of these are common practice in many manufacturing environments. These practices, however, are dispersing dust into the air and further contaminating non-manufacturing areas. Whether direct or indirect, employees are unnecessarily exposed to hazardous dusts.

Stop dust in its tracks with DustOff Gust, Keller’s new clean air cabin. At breaks, before clocking out, or when things get a little messy, employees can safely “DustOff” in the enclosed cabin without sending hazardous particles back into the facility.

The Process

  1. Employee enters cabin with protective gear and initiates the cleaning process by activating control elements.
  2. Four corresponding color-coded groups of nozzles blow air downward.
  3. During the cleaning process, the employee must turn in a circle to achieve optimal cleaning.
  4. The dust blown off is constantly drawn down to the bottom of the cabin.
  5. An attached dust collector pulls the particles in and filters them from the air.

DustOff Gust Benefits:

The cabin is made of bolted sheet steel construction with one or two doors. The top of the cabin has an open-grate designed for fresh air access, but downward airflow trajectory keeps dust from re-contaminating the workplace. All dust is pulled to the bottom of DustOff Gust and collected in a connected air filtration system.

Safety features are added to prevent DustOff Gust from running while the door is open. An automatic shut-off button is also easily accessible in all cabins.

Installation is very simple. DustOff Gust needs to be rigged in place, connected to an air filtration system via ductwork, and attached to a compressed air connection.

It is recommended that the cabin be installed inside, but an outdoor option is also available for placement in sheltered areas.

Control of the air nozzles is carried out by means of push buttons or by means of  handles. The control elements are marked with colors that correspond to a group of nozzles. This allows for cleaning from head-to-toe or in sections, whichever the employee prefers.

  • Air Control: buttons or handles
  • Exhaust air or air recirculation
  • Heating element for outdoor installation
  • Sheet steel (standard) or stainless steel
  • Portable version

DustOff Gust FAQ

How It Works

DustOff Gust has sections of compressed air nozzles that provide localized jets of compressed air to "Gust" dust off of the operator's clothing. Simultaneously, a connection to a dust collector provides a flow of air to pull dust down, away from the operator for safe filtration.

The DustOff Gust can be controlled by (2) methods:

1. Handles (standard): The operator manually turns a lever to initiate the cleaning for a corresponding color-coded section of nozzles. This method provides more flexibility for the user to focus the cleaning where they need it. 

2. Push Button (optional): Push Button that initiates the cleaning sequence and cycles from the top nozzle section to the bottom nozzle section automatically. 

DustOff Gust requires an airflow extraction (see utility requirements) during operation that provides a down flow of exhaust air to pull dust away from the operator and safely into filtration media. This dust collection connection can attach to an existing central filter or a new Keller dust collector can be provided with the DustOff Gust. 

Installation & Support

  • Compressed Air:
    • Connection: 1"
    • Pressure: 90 psi (6 bar)
    • Flow: 105 cfm (3000 lpm)
    • Conditions: Particulate and Oil Free
  • 24 V Power
    • 24 V Power for lighting and sensor
  • Dust Collection Connection
    • up to 2,000 cfm (3500 m3/h) during operation (depending on cabin size)
    • 10"/ 250 mm Flanged Connection
    • (Optional) Install with a flap to only utilize dust collection when in use

DustOff Gust is logistically friendly with forklift holes on the optional mounting skid and lifting connection on the top of the unit. 

Typical install locations for the DustOff Gust are:

  • Near break/locker rooms so dust is not cross-contaminated from the shop
  • By your dirtiest process so the operator can quickly clean off
  • In maintenance shops for personnel to quickly clean off between jobs
  • Anywhere your employees get dusty!

Optionally, DustOff can be installed with a dust collector in a movable containter for easy relocation from site to site.

The footprint of DustOff Gust (in standard configuration) is 37.5" by 34" with a height of 91". There must also be 33" in front of the unit for the door swing.

Please note that other cabin sizes are available. Final footprint size should be confirmed with your Keller representative for your configuration. 

DustOff Gust is thoroughly tested before shipment and comes with a 1-year warranty on parts. With no moving parts and a robust build for the toughest environments, DustOff Gust is built to last.

Additional Features/Options

Yes! If the customer does not have dust collection available meeting the adequate utility requirements, Keller can provide either a static filter unit (1-year filter life) or a self-cleaning dust collector.

Yes! The standard DustOff Gust has (1) door with an interior chamber size of 32" x 32". The interior chamber size can be customized as well as adding an additional door or customizing other features (ex. air nozzles), if desired.

Yes! DustOff Gust is made of painted mild steel, but can be customized in stainless steel.

Have you thought of installing a ductless plug-and-play Keller Ambitower for ambient filtration of your facility of welding fumes and fugitive dust? Otherwise, the DustOff Gust can be configured with a filter stage on the top air inlet to ensure the operator receives only clean air. 

Yes! The DustOff Gust can be installed outside, under sheltered areas, and has an optional heating component for heating the recirculated filtered exhaust air. 

No. DustOff Gust is typically sold with handles to manually operate which air nozzles are active. This is the most effective method because operators can choose target areas that need longer cleaning times. However, DustOff Gust can be deisgned with a button to automatically initiate air sections in a timed sequence from top to bottom.