Keller Wet Scrubbers

When efficiently filtering particles gets tricky, Keller often turns to a wet scrubber system. Both the VDN series and HydronPlus are designed to handle processes that other air filtration solutions cannot. With the use of water through the Venturi principle and centrifugal forces, sticky dust, explosive dust, fumes, and highly conglomerated dirty air can all be collected and successfully filtered through a Keller wet scrubber. Whatever your needs, a Keller Pro will assist you in finding the right solution.

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  • Disposal in bucket with slide-gate
  • Disposal can occur in operation
  • Airflow: 1,500-13,000 cfm*


  • Suitable for explosive, combustible, or adhesive risks
  • Capable of air recirculation (includes dry filters)
  • Airflow: up to 900 cfm*





  • For high dust concentrations
  • Disposal by sludge conveyor
  • Airflow: 2,200-16,000 cfm*















  • Adjustable component placement
  • Modular design for large airflow
  • Airflow: 8,000-50,000 cfm*


*Please be advised, airflow ranges vary by unit size, design, and application.