Separation of heavy volumes of fine dust particles

The JET-SET series is especially suitable for the separation of heavy volumes of fine dust in many applications. Nearly all types of dust can be successfully separated, such as those created in metal and polymer processing, recycling or timber industries, as well as treatment of non-metallic minterals.

Ideal for processing high volumes with minimal floor space requirement

The integrated filter hoses reliably separate high volumes due to their large surface. However, their space requirement is minimal.


Dimensions and technical information

*Depending on the number of hoses. **Depending on the disposal concept and the length of the hoses used.
Type JET-SET single-cell model JET-SET double-cell model JET-SET 3-cell model JET-SET 4-cell model JET-SET 5-cell model JET-SET 6-cell model
Max. air flow [m³/h] 15000 m³/h 30000 m³/h 45000 m³/h 60000 m³/h 75000 m³/h 90000 m³/h
Filter surface [m²] 189 378 567 756 945 1134
Length (min./max.)* [mm] 1945/2755 1945/2755 2760 2760 2760 2760
Width [mm] 1542 3084 4628 6170 7714 9256
Height (min./max.)** [mm] 6600/14420 7610/11630 7630/11630 7630/11630 7630/11630 7630/11630

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