Explosion decoupling inside connected ductwork to protect separators

Numerous processes can create explosive dust/air mixtures inside industrial systems (i.e., dust collectors, mixing machines, fluid bed granulators, mills, etc.). If ignition sources cannot be excluded due to process conditions, these systems are often equipped with constructive explosion protection measures such as pressure relief or pressure suppression. In this instance, connected ductwork is decoupled from containers to be protected so that no flames or explosion pressure can be transferred into other areas.

Reliable protection against explosion pressure and explosion flames

Keller Lufttechnik developed the back pressure flap series ProFlapIII for effective explosion decoupling for most sectors of industry. The ProFlapIII is certified as a protective system according to EU Guideline 2014/34/EU (ATEX 114) and is approved for decoupling of dust explosions of organic and mineral dusts.


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