New filter technology for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) - totally effective in a variety of processes

Metal dust, shavings and oil mist are frequently created on machine tools using minimum quantity lubrication. In practice it is difficult to determine which air contaminant will come into play, therefore, customers have had to choose between either a dry separator for dust and shavings or a separate coolant or oil mist separator.  For greater flexibility in the future with increasingly complex separation challenges posed by metalworking machines, Keller now offers the universally applicable FLEXI-P cartridge filter.

Increased service life and low investment risk

A data analysis performed by Keller specialists has determined that oil mist poses a considerable problem in supposed "dry" processes.  Anyone using inappropriate filters for these processes usually experiences a greatly reduced service life of the after-filters.  FLEXI-P has been shown to successfully increase their service life by tenfold.    

Low Investment risk, greater flexibility:  Choosing FLEXI-P substantially reduces initial equipment investment costs, especially when a machining process changes, the associated separation system needs no additional modifications.


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