High-performance filter elements for separating a variety of process emissions

KLR stands for Keller Long Run. The long service life of the filter elements (up to 20000 operating hours) provides maximum process reliability and minimizes production downtimes, maintenance efforts, and spare parts and waste disposal costs, as well.  

Surface filtration and compressed air pulse cleaning of the filter elements during operation ensure a nearly constant air capacity and continuous operation even for high dust volumes.

Long service life with reduced energy consumption

All characteristic elements of this new Keller design were optimized as compared to the market standard. The service life increased by up to 120.000 cleaning intervals, with a simultaneous reduction in energy consumption. A beneficial result in every respect!


Further information:

Brochure "KLR-Filter"

Dimensions and technical data

Overview of the various versions KLR KLR as KLR-bran KLR-bran as KLR-bran pure as
Residual dust content: < 0,5 mg/m3 x x      
Residual dust content: < 0,1 mg/m3     x x x
Application temperature: up to 110 °C x x x x x
Cleaning pressure: max. 4 bar x x x x x
including addtitional PTFE membrane     x x x
in antistatic design   x   x x
PWIS-free         x

Service life: up to 20.000 operating hours or up to 120.000 cleaning intervals; for 3 years max.*

* with intended use according to the instruction manual

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