Reducing the fire risk in dust extraction systems and increasing system functionality

Fire protection is not covered by ATEX guidelines

In contrast to explosion protection, fire protection is not clearly regulated by law.
This is why the operator should determine the extent of general or specific fire protection measures and the application of rules.

DIN EN 13478
Machine safety – fire protection

VDI 2263 page 6
Dust fires and explosion protection in dust extraction installations

VDS 3445
Fire protection in dust extraction installations

Whenever fire protection measures are requested by the operator or their insurer, Keller Lufttechnik always conforms to VDI guideline 2263-6 which specificially applies to dust extraction systems. Since there is no mandatory regulation regarding fire protection measures, the responsibility for fire protection lies with the operator. The applicable measures
can be determined in a hazard assessment according to the German Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV).
Keller Lufttechnik can only suggest fire protection measures, but they are not mandatory for the operator.


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