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Our range of products for clean air ensures purified air for any interior premises, from the smallest office to the largest plant.

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The 2020 Corona Pandemic - A Clean Air Wake-Up Call

Corona Virus, COVID-19, “The Rona.” No matter the name, the current health crisis has been the major concern of 2020.

Even more so, it’s a wake-up call for improving employee health and safety implementations in the workplace.

Concerned about the spread of the Corona Virus at your workplace? The primary means of COVID-19 transmission is through the air.

Given Keller’s 100+ years of air filtration experience, our experts want to offer to consult with your team on methods to achieve optimal air quality in your facility.

For instance, did you know that an industrial ambient filtration system can eliminate process dust as well as viruses? Check out the flyer below for additional information on how Keller’s technology can help protect your employees from the transmission of airborne viruses, especially the Corona virus Sars-CoV-2.

Corona: A Clean Air Wake-Up Call