Reliable extracion of finest chippings, fibers and particulate

All machining processes with GRP (fiberglass) and CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) produce very fine fragments, fibers and particulate depending on the material being processed. These dust aerosols can negatively impact human health. They can also inhibit the efficiency of machine tools and plant equipment. A static electricity discharge presents a potential fire and explosion risk, as well. These are among the reasons why process dust from composites should be collected and discharged carefully.

The issues of ambient air decontamination during GRP/CFC mold processes, prevention of damage from a dust explosion, and the possible re-use of energy from process exhaust air, can present highly complex topics which must also take into consideration applicable regulations and recommendations.

Some common fields of application for the machining of composites are: airplane and helicopter construction, production of wind power plants, and car body production.

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