Capturing Elements

Keller offers a variety of capturing elements. These capturing elements have been tested in practice and ensure almost 100% extraction of chips, dust, droplets, mists, vapors or harmful gases.

Often suction points are available in the machine plan, but no capturing element is provided. From the large selection of standardized elements, Keller chooses the right parts for each application. In some cases additional covers, curtains or individual parts are added to a capturing element design to make it work for a customer's individual requirements.


  • Heavy duty work bench
  • Upper & lower bench suction
  • Sizes vary per application need
  • Capturing of fumes at source
  • Made of solid welded steel
  • Sizes vary per application need





  • Covered work area 
  • Variety of layouts available 
  • Noise-reduction panels
  • Removes fumes/ dust at source 
  • Length varies per customer need
  • 2"-8" diameter hose





  • Injector vacuum at dust collector
  • Operates with compressed air
  • No electricity required