Keller Benefits

Keller offers a variety of designs from standard extraction arms, to ATEX compliant versions, to special extraction arms for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.


The Super-Max Extraction Crane is the optimal solution when you need to cover large work areas. The two ball-bearing mounted horizontal arms with disc brakes provide excellent horizontal maneuverability. The external hydraulically suspended arms make the hood incredibly mobile and 100% stable in all positions. 

Options for Ceiling, Table and Filter Extraction Arms:

1. Super-Max Ceiling Extraction Arms SMT with Turning Flange for the ceiling mounting which comes in 1.5-2-3-4 m models. They have a strong turning flange with 8 holes for M8 bolts. C/c 230 mm.

2. Super-Max Table Extraction Arms SMB with Turning Flange for table mounting that comes in 1.5-2-3-4 m models.

3. Super-Max Filter Extraction Arms SMF without Turning Flange are to be mounted standing on a suitable bearing and comes in 1.5 -2-3-4 m models and Shaft - d.25 mm.

Disc brakes in the vertical joints ensure the use of hoods with weights up to 22 lbs (10 kg). The reinforced side arms alongside the hoses and tubes ensure no risk for breaking hoses at friction joints, and the hoses can be shortened resulting in reduced pressure drop and increased airflow. In addition, the turning flange makes it possible to turn 360° with Pro-Flex PRSV.

Super-Vac high vacuum arms and cranes make the difference between a bad and a good high vacuum installation. The hood must be repositioned in short intervals to be close enough to capture pollutants such as welding fumes. The hood is very mobile and 100% stable in all positions. Additonally, the Super-Vac Extraction Cranes have two ball-bearing mounted horizontal arms with disc brakes. 

Smoke, dust and fumes occur from weighing, dosing, mixing, batching and sample processing in the pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical industries. This extraction arm removes the smoke, dust and fumes directly at the source before contamination has spread to the premises.

The hood of the arm is the secret to its efficiency. The straight hood is for dust. The 67° hood is for smoke and 150° hood is for fumes.

Keller offers all arms in a mirror-polish, where every detail is composed of acid-proof, mirror polished stainless steal including the wall bracket, arms, handle, hood, damper, bolts, nuts, and washers.

The Super-P is powder coated to withstand corrosive environments and all tube ends are sealed.

The Super-PM hood and handle is mirror-polished stainless steel, and the remainder of the arm is powder coated or galvanized.