Keller Benefits

The AmbiTower delivers hassle-free clean air with the following advantages: 

The AmbiTower provides the benefits of clean air filtration with limited installation effort.  Since the AmbiTower has a pre-configured dirty air inlet on the top of the unit for collection of rising containmented air, no ductwork is needed to connect to extraction points.  Only erection of the unit, electrical power connection, and compressed air for self back-pulse cleaning of the filter elements are required for operation. 

The AmbiTower provides the most ideal air distribution as dirty air is pulled from the top of the facility, where welding fumes tend to rise, and clean air is redistributed back to the working level height.  This layered ventilation provides the cleanest air in the facility to the point where it is needed the most with the worker.

The AmbiTower features high efficiency filtration with self-cleaning cartridge filters into a slide-drawer disposal bin.  The unit also features optional HEPA-stage filters for applications that have additional safety concerns such as the processing of stainless steel. 

The electrical control is integrated in the collector housing and provides control for the fan and cleaning cycles.  The control can be optionally upgraded to a variable frequency drive (VFD) for demand-based regulation of the fan.