Centralized Manual Dust Extraction System

The central vacuum system consists of a distributed network of pickups with small diameter ductwork or tubing.  Pickup points provide a strong velocity and high transport velocity to accelerate particles and efficiently clean the workplace.  Each pickup point can be used with a micro-switch flap to reduce the energy consumption of the system and provide on-demand suction as needed.

The RF, central vacuum collector, is built to withstand the high pressure necessary to facilitate the necessesary transport velcoities of the sysem.

The RF is equipped with Keller's high quality long life filter plates, KLR filters, with self regulated back pulse cleaning to reduce maintenance and extend filter life.  

Based on the application, different disposal options are available and the vacuuum generator is designed to the individual pressure and noise requirements.  Depending on the process material, explosion protection may be necessary for both indoor and outdoor installations to withstand the explosion, decouple the ductwork, and safely vent the explosive force.