Keller benefits

The L-CUT series of dust collectors feature the following benefits:

The L-CUT series are designed for quick installation and with the ablity to be placed in tight spaces near the machine tool.

The integrated spark pre-separator protects the filter elements against damage that could be caused by coarse, potentially glowing particles. 

The L-CUT units have built-in radial fans that operate at very low sound levels.  Futhermore, the cleaned air is directed upward through an integrated silencer allowing for quieter operation.  

The collector's housing is of welded design with an adjustable baffle at the dirty air inlet. All relevant components (i.e. disposal bin filter elements, motor-impeller section, solenoid valves, electrical switch and control system) are accessible for servicing from the front.

Keller's L-Cut 2 and L-Cut 4 come in designs for either dry cartridge or KLR plate filters. Both filter elements are designed for high efficiency and easy maintenance with the KLR plate filter rated for 20,000 operating hours (over three year filter life even for 3-shift operations!).