Keller Benefits

The PT-Filter units feature the following benefits:

The PT Filter series of units are of modular design in order to meet specific requirements such as the type and volume of dust. Nearly all types of dust can be successfully filtered from mechanical and thermal processes during which dry, airborne dust is created. The units can be designed vertically for pressure relief to be possible. Installation options are flexible including simplified installation in hard-to-access areas and the units can be disassembled into idential components.

The filter elements are of high quality and are available in a variety of materials. Each filter element is selected depending on the specific application in order to achieve optimim filtration, seperation efficiency, and length of service. Filters are located on the clean air side of the unit where they are installed horizontally. The PT-Filter also includes a pulse cleaning cycle for the filters.

See our KLR®-Filter page.

Due to the horizontal bottom sealing of the KLR filters for the PT-series, it is not longer necessary to enter the dirty air plenum for filter changes.  This improved maintenace access provides a safer environment for personnel during filter changes.

The air-tight and dust-tight disposal bins are connected to the filter's hopper with a clamping device, simplifying the exchange of dust collector containers. For larger dust volumes or in 24-hour operations, the waste disposal is continuous via rotary valves, into disposal tanks or big bags.