Keller Benefits

The RECLAIM system is the perfect solution for wet painting processes with the following benefits:

Modern painting systems can be operated with significantly-reduced energy usage by controlling the recirculated air supply between the overspray seperation, the filter units, and the spray booth. RECLAIM ensures that up to 95% of the purified and re-conditioned air can be recirculated into the spray booth with only 5% ambient air is added to improve air quality.

Used and fresh limestone powder is loosened and fluidized. Because of the rotor effect, dry limestone particles rise inside the filter area and partially bonds overspray and aerosols. The operating cycle includes four steps.

  1. Limestone powder (pre-coating material) is dispersed onto filter elements within VARIO cell
  2. Limestone absorbs wet-pain overspray
  3. Limestone is cleaned off the filter elements by back pulse cleaning
  4. Limestone is re-dispersed to filter elements until it reaches saturation where powder is conveyed to Big-Bag disposal and is replaced with fresh limestone supply from the Dos-K

The "KLR-bran pure as" was especially designed for the RECLAIM process technology. Maximum coverage is obtained through self-supporting fabric construction with pleated filtration surface. "KLR-bran pure as" benefits include:

  • Silicon-free construction
  • BIA certified and approved for category "M"
  • Constant air flow rate with constant filter resistance
  • Residual dust content less than or equal to 0.1 mg/m³
  • Surface filtration by membrane layer
  • Clean air recirculation even with carinogenic dust


Dry seperatation with RECLAIM technology offers multiple advantages compared to customary wet seperation processes. Heating costs are lowered by up to 80% as well as power consumption, which is reduced by 50%. No chemicals are used, no foam formation, and no sludge removal. In addition to these benefits, the saturated pre-coating material can be reused.