Keller Benefits

The ProFix significantly improves the interface between the machine tool and the extraction sytem.  The ProFix makes the extraction process smart by providing the following benefits:

The achieved airflow is constantly measured by the ProFix and can be communicated for safety or process critical operations.

The ProFix consists of an electronic flap motor that will adjust the flap position to achieve the programmed target airflow.

The ProFix has four target settings that it can regulate based on: flap completely closed, Vmin (minimum target airflow), Vmax (maximum target airflow), and flap completely open.  The current target airflow can be communicated via a 0-10V signal based on the machine process. 

For example, a minimum target airflow can be achieved during machining operation when the doors of the machine tool are closed and well sealed but the machine tool can communicate the end-of-cycle and adjust the ProFix back to the maximum target airflow when the machine doors are open. 

The ProFix operational position and requirement is aggregated together for central systems and used to reduce or increase the fan variable frequency drive (VFD).  This automatic balancing system provides demand-based airflow and thus achieves the optimal energy performance for the system. 

The extraction collector sizing is based on the maximum potential airflow; if the ProFix can achieve a lower operational airflow, the collector can be sized based on this new demand requirement.  This reduced collector sizing is especially beneficial for gantry-loaded systems that can ensure that only a limited number of machine tools have simultaneous maximum airflow needs.