Keller Benefits

The FLEXI-P cartridge filter presents the following benefits:

The data evaluation of 450 systems, carried out by Keller experts, showed that with supposed "dry" processes, oil was often present --either because of irregular use or overuse of lubricants.  Using inappropriate filters for such processes mostly results in secondary filters with short service lives.  The FLEXI-P cartridge filter has managed to increase the typical service life by ten.  

The new cartridge filter combines the positive characteristics of two types of filters and consists of two layers--a fine fiber material, and a polyester fleece.  Dust and chippings are separated at the filter surface while oil aerosols get absorbed into the interior of the filter material.  The new filtration procedure combines surface with deep-bed filtration, making the FLEXI-P cartridge filter capable of separating both dry and humid residues optimally from the air.

Choosing FLEXI-P reduces the customer's investment risk considerably since it is not necessary to first adjust the connected filtration system when changing processes.