Keller Benefits

KLR filters feature the following benefits:

The KLR filter surface area was expanded using finer pleats. Because of this the pressure loss and resulting energy demand decreased by 5%, accordingly. The wide sidebars are composed of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and are streamlined to optimize the inflow of dirty air, while protecting the filter from direct particle impact and excessive wear.

The Keller KLR®-Filter set a new service life record with this filter design, with filters lasting up to 20,000 operating hours. The self-supporting filter plates present a larger number of pleats, thereby increasing the filter surface compared to previous filter generation designs.

Additional features of the KLR®-Filter are very low filter resistance and optimized dirty air flow, which results in reduced energy usage.

Due to their various characteristics, the new KLR®- Filter is suitable for many applications, ranging from thermal processes to grinding processes, to wet painting processes. The filter also can withstand an operating temperature up to 230°F (110°C). The KLR®-Filter generation is suitable for numerous applications in exhaust air operation, or as an additional feature for air recirculation, even without an additional membrane. This is possible because of its high separation efficiency.

KLR-bran, a version of the KLR®- Filter generation, is equipped with a PTFE membrane to seperate particulates. KLR-bran are suitable for thermal processes, painting processes, as well as for high efficiency air recirculation.