Technical Data

The KLR series comes in varieties for different applications and customer requirements. The table to the right shows which enhancements come with each version of the KLR®-Filter.

Overview of the various versions KLR KLR as KLR-bran KLR-bran as KLR-bran pure as
Clean air emissions value: < 0,5 mg/m3 x x      
Clean air emissions value: < 0,1 mg/m3     x x x
Application temperature: up to 110 °C x x x x x
Cleaning pressure: max. 4 bar x x x x x
Including PTFE membrane     x x x
Antistatic   x   x x
Silicone-free         x

Service life: up to 20,000 operating hours or up to 120,000 cleaning intervals; for 3 years max.*

* with intended use according to the instruction manual.