Keller Benefits

The AERO series of mist collectors feature the following benefits:

The fiberglass packed material filters air from the insde out for high efficiency coalescing seperation of aerosols.  Long-filter life is achieved via the self-draining features of the filter cartridge. 

MICOS-P Filter Element

For applications with coolant emulsion, the AERO-series features an integrated spray-cleaning of the filtration stages. The spray-cleaning feature encourages self-draining of the filter elements and maintains filter saturation to reduce the risk of the water stage of the coolant emulsion from evaporating, leaving just the gummy coolant.

Collected coolant from the self-draining filter elements can either be stored in disposal bins at the collector, or returned to the machine tool/central coolant filtration via siphon drain or integrated pump. 

The AERO-series is especially designed to allow for modular sizing for larger airflow volumes.  This modular design allows the mist collectors to be used for a wide range of airflows from individual machine centers to central facility filtration. 

5 Aero Modules