Keller Benefits

The ENA series of mist collectors feature the following benefits:

The ENA-series features varying sizes of compact housings to enable flexiblity of plant layout. Sizes range from invidual machine tool filtration with air recirculation , ENA-S, up to the ENA-5 for large centralized systems to collect from multiple cells of machine tools.

The ENA series utilizes mesh Demisters of varying quality and material for highly effective separation of collected coolant mist.  The Demister is self-draining and is cleanable by integrated spray-cleaning or can be removed for down-time wash cleaning. 

The ENA-series features an integrated spray-cleaning of the Demister stages. The spray-cleaning feature encourages self-draining of the filter elements and maintains filter saturation to reduce the risk of the water stage of the coolant emulsion from evaporating, leaving just the gummy coolant.

Collected coolant from the self-draining filter elements can either be stored in disposal bins at the collector or returned to the machine tool/central coolant filtration via siphon drain or pumpback station.