Highly Reliable & Efficient Separation of Coolant Mist

Our coolant mist collectors, ENA-series, filter water soluable aerosols created by coolants during cutting and metalworking. Features include:

  • Compact construction & modular design
  • Self-draining permanent demister media
  • Very high seperation efficiencies
  • Optional integrated spray-cleaning
  • Customizable disposal options

Mist Collection for Individual Machining Centers

The ENA-S unit is especially designed for extraction from individual machining centers with additional benefits of:

  • Ergonomic floor-access to all filtration stages
  • Integrated after-filter for air recirculation
  • Integrated sound-insolated fan for quiet operation


The ENA-X series is the smallest of Keller's mist collectors. It's compact size has smaller airflow capacity, but allows for:

  • A variety of mounting styles and add-ons (reduced floor space)
  • Easy return of oil or coolant to the machine, if mounting allows