Pro Components

Keller's Pro line is specially designed for the best solutions for energy and safety concerns.  

These products specialize in energy efficient explosion protection.  The Pro line is able to contain explosions and keep them from spreading via ductwork.  

With products such as ProTERM, the Pro line is energy efficent as it allows recirculation of hot air in the winter, and cool air in the summer, reducing heating and cooling costs year around.

• Airflow monitor
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Airflow ranges: 250-3,250 cfm*

• Automatic airflow damper
• Internal airflow balancing
• Adjustable extraction efficiency


    • Explosion back-pressure flap
    • ATEX certified / NFPA69 compliant
    • Used for organic and metal dust

    • Chip separator at machine tools
    • Captures mist, not chips
    • Airflow: 800-2,000 cfm

    • Heat recovery system
    • Improves cooling/heating
    • Airflow: 8,000-12,500 cfm*

    • Solid state flame barrier
    • Pre-separation of coolant / oil
    • Airflow: max -2,100 cfm*

    • Flame less explosion vent
    • Approved for indoor use
    • For use with metal / organic dust