Keller Benefits

The Probox flame barrier features the following benefits:

The ProBox was inspected and tested by an independent organization in accordance with UL requirement 1046.  In fact, the UL 1046 standard was exceeded, as no flames were observed downstream despite an airflow of 1 m/s with a ProBox that was saturated with combustible coolants. 

Due to the cascade deflector design of the solid-state falme barrier, the ProBox is continuously preventing against the propogation of flames.  No sensors are required to detect the presence of fire and no actuation is needed to activate the flame protection.

Besides the safety benefits of fire protection, the ProBox also provides performance advantages due to the pre-separation of chips and coolant.  Chip removal from the extraction systems ensures that chips do not clog the ductwork or embed themselves in the mist collector filter media.  Additionally, the pre-separtion of coolant mist reduces the coolant load that the mist collector experiences and extends filter life.

The ProBox is a modular design with multiple operating airflow ranges.  The ProBox can also be installed with the inlet on the side or bottom and the outlet on the side or top. 

The chip pre-separator can be easily opened for maintenance, and is reuseable after cleaning.