Keller has a whole line of products specially designed for the best solutions for energy and safety concerns.  

The products featured here are focused on providing additional (and necessary) safety precautions for air filtration systems. From explosion relief to flame and chip barriers, Keller is an expert on employee safety.

Please also see the Explosion Protection Overview.

  • Solid state flame barrier
  • Pre-separation of coolant / oil
  • Airflow: max -2,100 cfm*
  • Explosion back-pressure 
  • ATEX certified / NFPA69 compliant
  • Used for organic and metal dust
  • Chip separator at machine tools
  • Captures mist, not chips
  • Airflow: 800-2,000 cfm
  • Flame less explosion vent
  • Approved for indoor use
  • For use with metal / organic dust