Indirect collection and removal of dry dust and welding fumes

In some processes, direct extraction at the emission source or specific point collection may not be feasible because of the location of the installation. Keller AmbiTower suctions ambient air with a single unit without any ductwork and returns the cleaned, filtered air at low velocity back into the workplace.

This protects staff from residual contaminants and ensures adherence to occupational limit values (1.25 mg/m³ according to TRGS 900).

The filter tower AmbiTower is suitable for indirect collection and removal of dry dust and welding fumes.

Indirect workplace exhaustion supplements point collection

Advantages of filter tower AmbiTower:

  • Heating cost savings achieved using clean air recirculation
  • Protection of uncontaminated areas, since airflow disruptions rarely occurs
  • Plug-and-Play: Easy commissioning since no ductwork is required
  • Heavy-cargo eyes and forklift transport for easy installation
  • Stability and durability ensured by a solid 2 mm industrial design

Further information:

Brochure "AmbiTower"

Technical data

  AmbiTower 10 AmbiTower 15
Operating air flow [m³/h] 10000 m³/h 15000 m³/h
Nominal air flow [m³/h] 6000 m³/h – 14000 m³/h 10 000 m³/h – 17000 m³/h
Filter surface [m²] 90 144
Number of filters [pcs] 6 6
Motor [kW/V/Hz] 7,5 / 400 / 50 11 / 400 / 50
Filter material IFA dust category M IFA dust category M
Filtration efficiency >99,9% >99,9%
Compressed air [bar] 4-6 4-6
Compressed air consumption [NL/pulse] 118 118
Dust container volume [L] 150 150
Noise pressure level [dB(A)] ≤ 75 ≤ 75
Weight [kg] 1700 1900
Dimensions [WxDxH] 2300 x 1250 x 3400 mm 2300 x 1250 x 3700 mm
Optional secondary filter stage H13 filtration efficiency > 99.95 % H13 filtration efficiency > 99.95 %
Transport facilitation Heavy-duty hoist rings and forklift acess Heavy-duty hoist rings and forklift acess