Room air purifiers can significantly reduce the risk of infection

Questions and discussions regarding air quality emerging from the corona virus pandemic are raising an alarm to analyze indoor air quality inside plants and rooms, and to initiate improvements. Ideally, extraction systems detect and extract the air pollutants released during machining processes as close as possible to the source of emission. However, this is not always technically feasible. Pollutants can escape into the surroundings and impair the internal air quality inside the workplace.
The filter tower AmbiTower and the new extraction wall AmbiWall offer complementary solutions for collecting all particulate that has escaped into the plant despite an extraction system situated at the source. Both can simultaneously filter out fine dust, viruses, bacteria, spores, pollen and fungi. These units will continue to effectively safeguard employee health beyond the current pandemic.

Ambient air quality is quality of life!
The Corona virus is appropriately focusing public attention on the issue of indoor air quality. Based on current knowledge, 90 percent of those infected become infectious via droplets or aerosols that carry the virus and can remain in the air for hours. This means that air purification units that filter these particles from the air can significantly reduce the viral load and thus considerably lower the risk of infection. With the AmbiWall, Keller Lufttechnik launched a new device that can perform this vital task.