Detailed view into complex flow conditions

Even with the design of oomponents, different variants and their advantages can be represented with the help of flow simulations. A pre-selection can be made in advance, thereby reducing the cost of building prototypes.

A realistic modeling and simulation via CAD is more rapidly achieved than with the repeated creation of new patterns and prototypes. This reduces engineering and development time. As the product cycles are shortened, the time gained in order processing and product development is a major competitive advantage.

The simulation demonstrates weak points of existing parts and components. Areas of turbulence in the components can be located, or flow separation areas determined, thereby improving overall quality

Simulations visualise processes such as velocity fields and particle movements within flows. You will obtain deeper and improved insight into all the deciding factors (pressure, velocity, temperature, density, etc.) of your system. This is significant for complex processes that are frequently inaccessible for taking measurements.