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Clean extraction systems and ductwork for continuous suction

Extraction systems are often subject to heavy contamination, as these systems usually extract and filter polluted substances. This is why the systems, as well as their connected ductwork, can become clogged over time and require cleaning to maintain extraction performance efficiency, as well as to prevent a safety hazard. Flammable material can present a fire risk, and the ductwork could be in danger of collapsing if it cannot withstand the increased weight. Frequently, the cleaning process requires labor intensive dismantling of the ductwork.

Keller Lufttechnik, and its partners who specialize in such cleaning tasks, offer rapid and professional cleaning of the ductwork without dismantling. Likewise, the extraction systems themselves, as well as all internal components, can be cleaned of any impurities accumulated during daily use. Ranging from water basins to control units, we always offer the appropriate cleaning solution. Our employees document the condition prior to and following cleaning and, upon request, can provide photographic documentation for regulators.

Safe and reliable cleaning of your complete extraction system

During the regular maintenance of your system, Keller technicians not only point out any heavily polluted parts of the system or clogged pipelines, but also perform the cleaning of these components in collaboration with our cleaning contractors. This service can also be included in a full service package, so that your extraction system is fully maintained by Keller.

A single source for servicing your extraction system
Customers wanting to take advantage of this service may contact Keller Lufttechnik for the entire process without requiring an additional contractor. Keller Lufttechnik will coordinate all scheduling and the entire operation with their experts, thereby ensuring the rapid recovery of superior extraction performance.

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