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Trockenabscheider Teaser

For highly effective and energy efficient dry separation of fine dusts from various applications.

Nassabscheider Teaser

Wet scrubbers use water as a filter medium and are suitable for all dusts that cannot be separated with a dry separator, or only with great difficulty. Above all, these are sticky, combustible, explosive or moist emissions.

Oelnebelabscheider Teaser

With our coolant and oil mist collectors, we offer customized extraction solutions for the process emissions of metalworking, such as drilling, turning, milling, grinding.

Elektrosta Abscheider Teaser

The eLine electrostatic separator was developed for the efficient separation of sticky, highly viscous aerosols, such as those produced during die casting or screw rolling.

Non-contaminating dry separator for handling hazardous pollutants and ensuring maximum safety of employees and products.


Raumluftreiniger Teaser

Our room air purifiers filter 99.995 percent of viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, spores and fine dust from indoor air, thus protecting the health of the people working there.

Explosionsschutz Teaser

Keep informed regarding dust explosions in extraction systems and how to successfully prevent them.

Brandschutz Teaser

Fires occurring inside dry filter systems cannot be ruled out in certain applications. In order to keep the hazards and downtime to a minimum, various fire protection measures are possible for dedusting systems.

Filterelemente Teaser

Our range of filter elements offers the appropriate solution for any application.

Erfassung Teaser

Our various capturing elements ensure optimum dust collection - with the lowest use of energy possible. If required, we custom design the extraction arms and hoods.

Energieeinsparung Teaser

We offer energy-saving extraction solutions - also in connection with heat recovery.

Vorabscheider Teaser

Our pre-separators are used to remove coarse, fine and combustible particles. This protects the filter media and minimizes their wear.

Absauganlagen Teaser

Our custom-engineered extraction technology offers flexible solutions to meet any individual needs and challenges.