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Electrostatic Separator eLine: Efficient Separation of Adhesive, Highly Viscous Aerosols from Process Exhaust Air

For example, adhesive emissions are created during die casting processes or screw machine thread rolling, especially when adding lubricants or separating agents – a real challenge for every filter. The electrostatic separator eLine separates aerosols so well that the cleaned air can be recirculated back into the production plant.

Highest 24/7 Availability by Integrated Cleaning Technology
The automatic cleaning system largely relieves the operator of burdensome cleaning tasks for practically trouble-free 24/7 operation

Modular Design is Available in Three Sizes
The eLine electrostatic separator was designed as a flexible and scalable high-performance module. The modular design ensures central separation systems with shared functions. Another module can be installed to link the cleaning cycle, for continuous 24/7 operation.

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Electrostatic Separator "eLine"

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