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A variety of sensing devices ensure successful separation and can be custom-designed, if necessary

Keller Lufttechnik offers a variety of sensing devices that have been tested in practice and that ensure an almost 100% removal of swarfs, dust, droplets, mist, fumes or noxious gases.  Despite the presence of suction points for the successful separation of these contaminants, there may be no sensing devices in place. So to this end, Keller can select the appropriate accessories from its wide selection of standardized elements, and in some cases, will custom design individual parts such as covers and aprons.

Extraction Arms: The practical and flexible addition to your extraction system

In the presence of fumes or dust-laden air, extraction arms are a good complement for extraction systems.  They apply suction directly at the source of dust or smoke without hindering the workflow.

The right design for every process
With a single handle, the extraction arm can be accurately moved to the desired suction position within seconds.  Supporting rods and joints are deliberately mounted on the exterior to remain clean without impeding the air flow.  Keller offers a variety of designs from standard extraction arms, to ATEX compliant versions, to special extraction arms for the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries.


Brochure Extraction Arms

Extraction Arms

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Powerful dust collection by means of exhaust hoods / nozzle plates

Nozzle plates are constructed by galvanized sheet steel with circumferential fold and integrated exhaust nozzle. The nozzle plates can be modular combined to a large unit by means of installation rails.

Simple but efficient and high-performance dust collection

The simple and light steel construction is cost-efficient, flat and space-saving. The efficiency is higher compared to standard hoods as a higher vacuum area can be created.


Brochure exhaust hoods

Exhaust hoods / nozzle plates

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Chip pre-separator ProChip: Reliable dust collection and chip pre-separation

Machine housing is at the core of effective separation results. To prevent the unintented intake of chips we recommend using the collection device ProChip with an integrated flow lock. Depending on the volume of the machine processing area, ProChip collection can be individually customized for optimal separation results.

Effective extraction
Because of the flow lock, collected chips bounce off and fall back into the work area. The resulting centrifugal effect further ensures the partial pre-separation of  the extracted dust and coolants.