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Water testing to detect Legionella bacteria

On August 19, 2017, the 42nd Federal Emmission Control Regulation (42. BImSchV - Regulation for evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet scrubbers) went into effect. It specifies mandatory rules for Legionella precautions in cooling systems and wet scrubbers if the exhaust air is channeled to the outdoors. 

Assistance in compliance with operator obligations
Keller Lufttechnik collaborates with Synlab, an accredited laboratory based in D-Augsburg. Synlab operates Germany-wide and offers the following services:

  • Initial examination and further laboratory tests of the water
  • Risk assessment
  • Preparing a checklist prior to re-commissioning
  • Preparing a written logbook
  • Performing tests that are prescribed for a 5-year cycle

Advantages of laboratory testing

  • Guarantees adherence to legal requirements                                 
  • Provides documentation to regulators
  • Unburdens the operator


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