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Proper use of extraction systems and compliance with regulations

Keller Service performs various air pollutant or acoustic/noise measurements that ensure compliance with legal or trade association regulations.

Measurements - advantages

  • Correct design of the exhaust system (dirty air concentration)
  • Documentation for internal purposes or for regulators
  • Adherence to required limit values
  • Proof of compliance to regulations
  • Concentration of pollutants in the workplace
  • Analysis of the pollutants

Overview aerodynamic measurement

Aerodynamic measurements Emission measurements Acoustic measurements
Suction air flow Dust concentrations in dirty air/clean air Sound pressure levels
Thermal gravimetric aerosol measurement Decibel levels
Crossflow Visual dust content readings Noise emissions by individual components
Plant air conditions Hydrocarbons (Total-C) Identifying areas at risk of exposure to noise emissions
  Particle size analysis  
  Filter analysis (filter elements, filter hoses, demisters)  


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