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We‘ve taken a systematic approach! Step 1: Environmental and energy management

We have invested in operational processes and systems that allow us to operate in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner while reliably complying with all legal requirements and meeting social demands. As part of our environmental and energy management strategy, we identify opportunities and associated risks such as our energy and material consumption, emissions, waste, and land use. A continuous digital monitoring of our own consumption (electricity, heating oil, water, compressed air) enables us to identify and evaluate key issues, implement necessary changes, and to further expand on them.

As of 2015/2016, our environmental and energy management systems are certified according to DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001.

We’ve taken a systematic approach! Step 2: Climate management and carbon footprint

Our climate management system concentrates on the prevention of CO2 emissions. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) serves as the basis for our efforts. This standard considers greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire value chain. The analysis includes three categories of emissions: all pollution created by our own facilities, emissions from the energy we consume, and all emissions upstream and downstream of us that do not directly originate within our company. This includes, for instance, the CO2 footprint of the goods and services we purchase, greenhouse gas emissions from rush-hour traffic and business travel, or from the disposal of waste.

The goal: Improving our carbon footprint every year!
In 2022, we drew up our first carbon footprint by referring back to the year 2021 as the starting point for our goal: "Get a little better every year!"

Consultants called in
A team from the Stuttgart branch of Arqum, a consulting agency based in Munich, is supporting us in drawing up an upgraded carbon footprint. The experienced consultants who have already supported us with the implementation of an environmental and energy management system, are knowledgeable in which emission values are common within the industry and can assist us with establishing desirable benchmarks.

We save resources!

Measures we‘ve taken for our customers:

Energy-saving products and plants
For many years, we have been continuously improving our products and plants with regard to their consumption of resources, which ultimately benefits our customers. The following measures in particular help to save energy resources: clean air recirculation to the plant, the installation of heat exchangers, using high-tech fans, and establishing demand-based air flow controls.

Our in-house production and administrative efforts:

Demand-based LED lighting
We have replaced all lighting throughout the company with energy-saving and long-lasting LED technology. Infrared detectors ensure that lights turn on only when truly needed.

Green purchasing choices
We ask that our suppliers also operate in an environmentally responsible manner and inquire about the carbon footprint of their products that we purchase. By making green purchasing decisions, we not only improve our own climate footprint, but are also helping to promote climate reporting across the industry.

Reduced vehicular use
We are increasingly meeting in virtual space. Meanwhile, videoconferencing is frequently replacing conventional business travel. Many administrative employees are working entirely or part-time from home. Both of these efforts result in overall savings, especially in fuel.

E-fleet & E-bikes
For shorter distances, electric cars are available onsite, along with seven charging stations. Our employees also benefit from an E-Bike leasing arrangement whereby they increasingly commute to work by bike instead of by car.

Heightened environmental awareness
Avoiding printouts whenever possible, ventilating premises properly, turning off computers entirely in the evening: examples of simple daily actions that easily add up to substantial energy savings. We discuss sound environmental practices in our "Occupational Safety, Environmental Protection and Plant Safety" (AUW) working group and within our teams. We regularly encourage the sharing of sound ideas on energy saving, helping to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Network ÖKOPROFIT-Klub Esslingen
As a member of the ÖKOPROFIT project, we, together with our regional economy, continuously discuss cooperative actions toward environmental responsibility, with the goal of conserving natural resources while reducing operational costs.

We use green energy!

Our own PV-electricity
We generate almost 600,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually ourselves with our factory rooftop solar panel systems, which provide more than 50 percent of our consumption.

Purchasing green electricity
The balance of our electrical power needs is purchased from sustainable sources. We accept having to pay a higher price for it.

We support the protection of our native insect species

Our gardener has planted bee-friendly wildflower meadows on our company premises. Nowadays, we are home to an entire colony of honeybees, as well as an insect sanctuary. This not only provides us with our own honey, but also makes an important contribution to the protection of their species.

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