Use the heat energy from process exhaust air and save on heating costs

ProTERM combines filtration technology with internal air conditioning systems in industrial plants and re-uses the heat energy from process exhaust air to heat the incoming outside fresh air supply. A specially developed control system ensures optimal interaction of all components.

Process exhaust air and cool outdoor air are directed past each other in the cross-flow heat exchanger. Because of its two separate air streams using separate channels, the fresh air supply is not contaminated. The exhaust air is then released through the roof. The heat is efficiently transferred.

Flexible use, reliable and economical

ProTERM - economical, amortises investment costs in a short time

ProTERM - environmentally-friendly, provides excellent emission values

ProTERM - smart and comfortable, easy to install, integrate, expand and retrofit

Technical data

Airflow 8000 – 12500 m³/h
Cooling efficiency max. 124 kW
Heating efficiency max. 191 kW
Length 2000 mm
Width 2005 mm
Height 4339 mm
Weight 2100 kg

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