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Mid-sized DKF Kloz GmbH investing in pollution control

Employing approximately 40 people, DKF Kloz manufactures and coats wire products. As a finalist for the Gipfelstürmer Award, the company is a recent recipient of a special commendation by the state government of Baden-Württemberg, having emerged as an environmentally responsible industry model. Keller Lufttechnik supported the success of their project. As experts for clean air, we engineered and installed an energy-efficient extraction system that enables clean air to be recirculated into the plant. 

DKF: The initials represent Draht, Kunststoffe, Farben (wire, plastics, paints). Based in Fellbach near Stuttgart, the company produces, among other items, draining grids, gabion baskets and dishwasher baskets. "We are one of a very few companies that also offer the surface coating of wire products at our premises," explains Managing Director Cengiz Öztok. "Our customers request us to either powder-coat or coat them with plastic."

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Dry separation

Extraction solution in detail
Dry separator VARIO with KLRbran filters and dosage system for limestone powder