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Dust extraction at the Neckartal Recycling Center

We are supporting a clean and healthy recycling economy in Stuttgart. The Neckartal Recycling Center in Stuttgart-Münster is the commonly used site by three midsize recycling companies, among them FISCHER Weilheim GmbH.

The recycling center is not a landfill! All waste deposited at the site also leaves it again. The professionally separated construction waste is either transported to specialized companies for further recycling or re-used as building materials at construction sites (primarily in the Stuttgart urban area). 

In the temporary storage and sorting facility, which is approximately 60 meters long, hazardous particulate is generated during the unloading of mineral waste and must be extracted. The extracted air enters the PT filters via four capturing elements along each of the two long sides of the buildidng.

There are two operating modes for the extraction. In the "building extraction" mode, the total air flow is uniformly dispersed among the eight capturing units. When unloading waste, an operator of the front end loader can activate "full extraction mode", e.g., section 1A, by using remote control. Additionally, the entire air flow of the system can be decreased on short notice by activating electrically controlled dampers, and shifted to specific areas of the building. 

Success story in overview


Unloading waste/hazardous and non-hazardous mineral waste 

Extraction technology
Dry separation with two PT 228 profile pocket filters

Extraction solution in detail
2 x PT-228-K23-Z-BB