Efficient dust extraction to protect personnel and machinery

Laser technology is now standard in the fabricating industry when processing metal and organic material (e. g., plastic, timber). The resultant increase in precision and productivity is also associated with an increased emission of pollutants, sometimes in the submicroscopic range. This affects the health of the operator and the performance of the laser system. Consequently, a dust extraction system is required to ensure effective dust collection and separation.

While conventional dust collectors can be used for metallic and non-metallic dust, special separation processes are necessary for organic material to prevent clogging of filter elements.


Flexible and safe dust collection

Dust collectors in the VARIO, PT-filters or L-CUT series are most suitable for very fine particulates generated in thermal cutting processes. The required air flows can vary depending on the process and material used during laser cutting. The system design can be flexible with regard to the required airflow and individual processes because of the variations offered in the filter series - also feasible for large air flows.
For thermal processes such as laser engraving, additional fire protection measures as well as explosion protection (if dust particles do not become fully oxidized in the proccess) are recommended.

Some of our installed systems

These customers rely on our extraction systems during laser cutting.

HK America Inc., Bartlett, IL - USA

IPG Photonics, Oxford, MA - USA 

Muratec, Charlotte, NC - USA

KOMATSU - Cutting Technologies Division, Wilmington, MA - USA

Prima Power, Arlington Heights, IL - USA 

Sauer DMG, Pfronten - Germany 

... and many more!

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