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Whether purchased from Keller Lufttechnik or elsewhere - we ensure that all extraction systems in your company are properly maintained. Are you using filters from other manufacturers that are not yet being serviced by us? Merely include them in our service agreement and benefit from multiple advantages!

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"This plan requires only one contact person, so it's not only practical, but it also simplifies coordination."
Jürgen Friedrich, Walzengießerei Coswig GmbH, Germany

Service for all extraction systems from a single provider. It's worth it!

Premium services: Our trusted and extensive service portfolio is also available for third-party systems, that includes system inspection and supplying a wide range of suitable spare parts, with continuous status monitoring.

Cost advantages: A service technician will provide comprehensive support. This saves you additional scheduling or staff training, as well as additional travel expenses.

Experience: We already service more than 1,500 extraction systems by other manufacturers. We are continuously improving our knowledge and expertise in servicing third-party systems.

Safety: We regularly remind our customers of upcoming inspection schedules and - for third-party plants, as well - ensure high equipment operating efficiency levels achieving optimal production performance, in addition to compliance with legal regulations.

You have ONE contact person who manages all of your extraction system requirements and ensures their proper operation, so take advantage of this time and cost-savings opportunity!


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Service for 23 separators in the company

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