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Safe and Clean Production of Granulate from Recycled Plastic with CLEACOM

DOMO is a manufacturer of recycled plastic granulate at Arco in northern Italy. Unfortunately, outdated extraction and filtration systems did not match the company's green image. This has been addressed since DOMO opted to install CLEACOM from Keller. The extraction process, in particular, on eleven extruder lines posed a significant challenge. Using high temperatures, the machinery forms a tough plastic mass from the dry raw materials, which is subsequently squeezed through an extruder to form endless spaghetti-like filaments. The filaments are cooled with water and chopped into tiny fragments, forming the plastic granules. The wet scrubber from Keller is perfectly suited to filter out any resulting adhesive fumes from the ambient air.

The entire installation was planned for their annual summer shutdown, presenting a challenge in terms of available time. When supply chain difficulties arose and upended the anticipated installation schedule, the deadline seemed to be unachievable. However, thanks to a great deal of creative improvisation, the project was completed in a timely manner. Congratulations to the team!

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Extraction Solution in Detail
Wet Scrubber VDN-TA56 & de-sludger SL14, lifting unit, 250 kW fan with frequency inverter, spare for activated carbon filter, PREMOS