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Clean Air for Hardening Shops

When metals are hardened, very different processes are used, leading to significantly different requirements for exhaust air filtration. In principle, salt bath hardening, induction hardening, and gas hardening are all different methods. Common to all these processes, however, are the dual steps of heating the workpieces and their rapid cooling.

The Suitable Extraction Solution for Any Application

Either dry or wet systems can be used for salt bath hardening processes, depending on the salt used and the application. As a rule, the dust can be extracted using a dry operating system, which is more energy efficient. However, if aqueous dousing solutions are used, a wet system is recommended due to the moisture content.

During induction hardening, the products are quickly heated in a machine and simultaneously drenched with a water-miscible high temperature oil. Keller coolant mist separators are equipped with a specially designed cleaning system for automatic filter element cleaning, thereby enabling an uninterrupted production process. They are particularly suitable for exhaust air contaminated with highly viscous aerosols.

Gas hardening processes use wet separators with pre-spraying to minimize the fire risk posed by open flames inside the systems. By quenching with water after collection, the ductwork is protected from a potential fire.

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Mubea - Muhr und Bender KG, Attendorn - Germany

Metaldyne Oslavany, spol. s r.o., Oslavany - Czech Republic

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