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Maintaining customer satisfaction is not merely a goal for us, but also a commitment. The positive results of our recent customer survey indicate that our after-sales service has also succeeded in reaching this achievement.


"Our carbon footprint should improve every year!"

Keller has certified environmental and energy management systems and in 2022 achieved its first climate balance, which means: We approach environmental protection and sustainability systematically and know where we need to take more aggressive steps. Managing Director Frank Keller (right) and Environmental and Energy Officer Axel Maier set the goal: "Our carbon footprint should improve every year!"


Thomas Leistner and his son Valentin Leistner are very satisfied with the new extraction system: "The climate in the hall is much more pleasant today. There are no more drafts and the temperatures remain stable even in winter.”

Thanks to sophisticated technology, Leistner Thermisch Spritzen GmbH is now saving around 50 percent of its energy costs at its new location in Sulzemoos near Munich. The convincing result is due, among other things, to a needs-based controllable extraction system from Keller Lufttechnik. Managing Director Thomas Leistner receives BAFA funding of around 173,000 euros.