Reliable extraction of heavy and light scrap ensures maximum system efficiency

Mixed scrap and scrap metal are shredded and crushed by state-of-the-art large shredders, sometimes entire vehicle bodies. Dust, gaseous or vaporous emissions are created which must be extracted and separated by dust extraction systems.

The expectations of shredder operators have increased significantly in recent years in terms of equipment functionality, product quality and energy efficiency.

Additionally, it is important for the high effeciency of the dust extraction technology that it survives unscathed a potential explosion inside the shredder. The system must continue its dust exctraction process immediately following such an event.

In times of rising energy prices and dwindling resources, the focus on a system's energy efficiency in plant operations is in the forefront. Optimised air ducting and energy efficient dimensioning of systems is required.

Additional solutions in the field of recycling and waste disposal
Keller Lufttechnik offers additional dust extraction solutions for the following applications:

  • Treatment of composite materials
  • Transport and recycling of PET bottles
  • Recycling of electronic scrap
  • Plastics recycling
  • and many more

Highly abrasive dust extracted safely and effectively with sturdy plant technology

As a rule, shredders are extracted using wet scrubbers because of their low risk of explosion.

In the future, however, clean air limit values will descend further and alternative solutions may be required in order to achieve the desired  levels of air quality.

Keller relies on dry operating systems for purifying exhaust air, which effectively reduce emissions. Cyclones are used for the pre-separation of coarser particles.

The exhaust air from shredders is mostly in dust category St-1. Explosion isolation of the connected ductwork from the protected separators is generally sufficient. For higher dust explosion categories, additional constructional explosion protection measures can be employed such as fast-closing valves or extinguishing barriers.

Some of our installed plants

These customers rely on our extraction systems during shredding.

Mayer Recycling GmbH, St. Michael in der Obersteiermark, Austria

... and many more!

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